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German Shepherd Dog - maleMale

A.CH&GV92&SGR93 EX+1 Iniff Vagrant 

 Kkl 1 

Macho Nacido el : 29. September 1989

A.CH&GV92&SGR93 EX+1 Iniff Vagrant

ANKC  V1083891
Hip: SV: HD a-Ausland (a6) - Elbows: Not known

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Breed report

BIF-scores: hips ?:? "A"-nn GSDCAu An above medium size (64.5cm), strong, substantial, strongly pigmented dog of very good type possessing the desired dark eye and expression. He impresses with his total masculinity and display of strength, width of thigh and overall harmony. Also a clean cut top and underline. He has good withers, firm back, an unobjectionable croup, very good angulation of the fore and hindquarter. Moves straight front and rear. In movement shows very far reaching ground covering gait. He presented himself calmly at survey and is gun-sure. A. Pettenhofer Faults and Virtues : Dog impresses with total masculinity and proportions. His display of strength and width of thigh and overall harmony. Also the clean cut top and underline. Breeding Advice : This dog has no obvious bloodline restrictions. He would be of value to bitches in need of correction of size, type and over-angulation, but in particular harmony. Line breeding to Orkan is not recommended.

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Esto es un pedigrí del perro, usado por los criadores y los entusiastas de la raza para ver la ascendencia y la línea-cría de ese perro individual. EuropaLa página de pedigrí también contiene enlaces a los hermanos del perro y su progenie (si existe).Para los dueños de perros de raza pura, este es un excelente recurso para estudiar el linaje de su perro.

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