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by Preston on 17 March 2008 - 03:03

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Inscrito: Mon Jul 28, 2003 04:19 am

Louise, you are exactly the type of breeder Capt. Von Stephanitz would be proud of.  I like very few GSDs these days, but you have bred some very worthy dogs, especially that rock solid, super sound Ursus son you have (who appears to be a good producer of real quality).  That young sable puppy out of him has as nice a shoulder as I've seen in a long time and a very short iron back with near perfect proportions and solid bone.  I know that you have done a great job breeding and hand raising your puppies.  Your GSDs have the type of rock solid normal GSD temperament the Captain preferred and demanded.  You have bred and raised some stand up, rock solid GSDs that are naturally protective and courageous without being prey obsessed maniacs.  GSD enthusiasts who want to do quality breeding should strive to be like you. 

There is no way any commercial breeding factory could ever duplicate what it has taken you so many years of careful selective breeding and training to produce.  And there are a substantial nyumber of other small breeders like you in North America, Germany and Europe and elsewhere that run small home-based quality breeding programs like you.

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