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Los mejores temas a lo largo de los años - Año: 2014

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Conformation Showing724 ** Steep croup/top line from top breeders ** Is this normal?
Main501 Von Hunterhaus, 39 dogs seized
German Shepherd Dog377 Please show me your WL gaiting!
German Shepherd Dog316 Where are Old style lines in America still available?
Main264 Got Head?
Main240 Buyer Beware of Alicia Jordan, Von Jordan Haus kennels
Main198 royalties for titles
Main194 Puppy with weird head...anyone seen anything like this?
Main189 Drago vom Patriot
Main169 Is she 43 days Pregnant?
Conformation Showing165 A look at conformation & movement of 2014 VAs
Sport/working Enthusiasts153 another drago thread
German Shepherd Dog150 Czech breeders
Main146 Dog Behaviorists
Sport/working Enthusiasts144 IPO 2050 .. What Must Change ..Tracking
Sport/working Enthusiasts136 cattle prod
Sport/working Enthusiasts135 GSDCA Lawsuit - Letter of Clarification from the AKC
Sport/working Enthusiasts128 Another Attempt to Take Over the AWDF
Conformation Showing126 breed worthiness?
Conformation Showing123 FCI standard vs the AKC standard
Sport/working Enthusiasts122 Best Working Line Breeders
Conformation Showing121 NASS Results???
Conformation Showing118 Post your dogs stacked pictures...
Main117 Top German Shepherd Stud in USA
German Shepherd Dog111 Griffin shepherd kennels - what do you know?
German Shepherd Dog111 2014 SV BSZS in Nuremberg video
Conformation Showing110 GSDCA sieger show
Sport/working Enthusiasts105 GSDCA Announcement
Belgian Malinois105 Need help with dangerous situation
Main104 Not sure if my dog is a GSD like I was told
German Shepherd Dog101 More About Alicia Jordan
Sport/working Enthusiasts100 The end of Schutzhund
Conformation Showing99 cross gaiting gsd
German Shepherd Dog98 Puppies!
Main96 $100K Clone Mutt
German Shepherd Dog95 Breeding philosophy
Sport/working Enthusiasts95 Sport Dog Guarding
Training and Obedience94 Dog Training - Crowd Control
Main93 Pretty Impressive ? Comments
Sport/working Enthusiasts92 GSDCA Qualified Helper List
German Shepherd Dog91 which country has not ruined the german shepherd?
Main90 The Truth About AnezkaK9 LLC and Julie Leoni (Bernet)
German Shepherd Dog89 New to Forums - Need Clarification Czech Dogs
Sport/working Enthusiasts89 Alteration of Pedigree- Corado z Vetrovej lúky
Rescues89 Beautiful Female Sable Working Lines GSD at Kill Shelter
Conformation Showing87 Akc conformation with a working line dog?
German Shepherd Dog84 The Evolution of the Back of the German Shepherd Dog
Main84 Buyer Beware of Team Di Casa Ortiz
Training and Obedience83 Training pup to remain in "down: position
Main83 Tim Helser: Ladies' Man and all around good guy
German Shepherd Dog82 Puppy Breath has filled My Life once more!!!
Rottweiler82 Beware of Kimbertal in Pennsylvania
Sport/working Enthusiasts81 GSD (Is there such a thing as too much Drive ?)
Main80 Out of respect...
German Shepherd Dog80 help..... i need advice on my two 8 month old german shepherd pups
German Shepherd Dog78 What color is this puppy?
Main78 What's your opinion on DM carriers
Main76 GSDCA-WDA 2012 Financials
Main75 dog jumped over neighbors fence. ( Graphic Images, page 2 of this thread)
German Shepherd Dog74 Found a true Black Sable today
Main74 Eva Sonia Berg has a warrant out for her arrest!
Main73 To new members and those who don't post
Sport/working Enthusiasts73 Lift versus Out.
German Shepherd Dog72 Genetic idiopathic epilepsy
German Shepherd Dog68 SCAM Pedigree information for Alasko: SG Alasko von der Salztal-Höhe
Training and Obedience67 Training a Service Dog
German Shepherd Dog65 E Litter vom Eisenherz Update
Main65 molly graf loosing court case for 18989..00 due to breach of contract in clearfeild pa....
Main63 Natural stance, pics??
German Shepherd Dog63 Update on Ice...
German Shepherd Dog63 Temperament Test for CHIC
Sport/working Enthusiasts61 WDA (Working Dog Association) SUING THE GSDCA??????? HUH?
Main61 New version of PDB coming soon
German Shepherd Dog61 I have puppy fever terribly! Anybody up for showing off their babies? :)
Conformation Showing60 The Beautiful differences
Conformation Showing60 oh my lord, i will never speak ill of an ASL again after seeing this
Main59 Anyone have any issues with Natural Balance dog food??
Main59 Check your eye sight
Main59 Any Info on Ohio Guard Dog/Bob Fox
Sport/working Enthusiasts59 Tyson von der Schiffslache ( How well did he Produce ? )
Training and Obedience58 Invisible Fence Installed-Rosé not Reacting as I Expected
German Shepherd Dog58 Pike and Livers!
Main58 Ibrahim
German Shepherd Dog58 Caralon's Phantom v Le Barland
Main57 my poor itchy babies
Main55 needing advice on purchasing a german shepherd
Conformation Showing55 Your opinion shall be highly appreciated
Sport/working Enthusiasts55 Apparently the truth is VERBOTEN in the WDA? Questions about eligibility .
Main54 Rules for collecting and shipping frozen/chilled semen from Germany to USA
Sport/working Enthusiasts54 Rudy much respect to you
Sport/working Enthusiasts52 GSDCA Message to it's Members
Sport/working Enthusiasts52 Pink Papered Import/Score Book for Trials
German Shepherd Dog51 Need suggestions for salve or ointment for abrasions on muzzle
German Shepherd Dog51 GSD - Soft Ears Should Not Be Bred
Main51 Price of a Dog
German Shepherd Dog50 Timmy von der bosen Nachbarschaft
Main50 A video appeared on Youtube today purportedly showing a Police Officer abusing his department K9
Training and Obedience50 Your "succesful" method of teaching the RECALL
Conformation Showing50 Time for puppy critique- opinions welcome

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