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by SchHBabe on 07 March 2008 - 20:03

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I think some folks are still holding back....

First, I'd like to take exception to this quote:

"A show dog is a dog that has the correct combinations of good genetic background, physical characteristics, correct character, proper training, and an owner who is able to realize the greatness of his dog and is willing to do what it takes to train and campaign the dog."

It's been decades since a working dog has won the BSZS, or since a show dog has won the BSP.  Likewise with the NASS and SchH USA Nationals.  It is clearly insufficient for a dog to have good conformation and training to be a contender at any of the Sieger shows.  There are many V-rated kkl1 workingline dogs, and none of them would stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning Sieger

How black and red is "red enough" to win honors as a show dog?  How plush is "plush enough" of a coat? 

If being a showLINE dog is about bloodlines, then which bloodlines are "officially" the show lines?  What if a top kennel in Germany started out by producing working dogs and then switched to show - at what point do they "become" an accepted showline kennel?

Or conversely, what if a kennel begain their breeding program producing showline dogs and then switched to working dogs - at what point are they no longer considered a showline kennel?

I'm all ears....




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