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by bsceltic on 20 March 2008 - 21:03

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Inscrito: Fri Nov 11, 2005 04:35 am

I just had a chance to watch this and does anyone have any idea where it might have been?  I'm asking because one of the handlers and the lady that served the beer at the end look like the photos I've seen of my Grandparents!   The age and time frame is right for it, too.  My grandfather raised and trained GSD's in Germany prior to WWII (sometimes for the military).  My grandmother worked as a bar maid in those days, too.  They lived near Munich in 1936 and my Mother told me several stories about her father winning all types of awards for his dogs and how much trouble she used to get in for playing on the dog's equipment (especially the climbing wall).  We don't have any family records of his dogs (just a few handwritten notes without details) and only a few photos of him from that time (everything was lost during the War).   So what a surprise.  I'm going to show the video to my brother to see if he remembers anything more (my Mom passed a couple of months ago so I can't ask her).

Whether it's them or not, great video!


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